The New samsung Universe S8 is simply stunning. Gone is the S7’s smooth panel, and in its position is a high, filter consume of water with two rounded ends. This is a cellphone that experienced at your house in my arms when I went hands-on with it for several hours at a reporter briefing in San Francisco. Better even than the LG G6, which has similar ratios but no rounded show, and slimmer than the iPhone 7 Plus, which places a compact sized show on higher, broader body. For the new, every significant New samsung cellphone is an “Edge” design, with the Advantage and Note’s curve-screen software and all.

But stylish as it is in steel and cup, the S8 (and bigger S8 Plus) is also the first marquee New samsung cellphone in quite a long time that simply leaves me with anxious questions. And those questions have nothing to do with the terrible Universe Observe 7 and everything to do with a couple out-of-place options and a work-in-progress electronic associate known as Bixby, which we also invested some hands-on time with.

Good things first. Samsung’s upgrade makes the S8’s 5.8-inch show absolutely pop. There’s no more physical house key, and hardly a frame. That means the show takes up approximately 83 percent of the cell phone’s face for hitting and watching. If the S7’s show experienced nice before, this is favorably extensive.


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