Unbelievable Places to Visit Before You Die

#1 Sentinels of the Arctic, Finland These alien structures are actually trees. They’re covered in arctic snow and ice, but breathtakingly beautiful if you can stand the cold.

Animals You Won’t Believe Are Real!

#1 The Shoebill This species is also referred to using the names Whalehead or Shoe-billed Stork. The bird has a large shoe-shaped bill, hence its unusual name. The Shoebill lives in tropical east Africa in large swamps from Sudan to Zambia, and it is also known for its unique,

Unbelievable Cake Art

#1 Monkeys on a Bed Cake Admit it, we’ve all sung (and acted out) that old ditty “Monkeys on a Bed”. This first birthday cake depicts monkeys in action. We don’t know what we love more: how elegant this cake is or how cute the monkeys’ expressions are.

Hilariously Bad Breakup Texts

#1 Celeb Comparison This texter must have been pretty frustrated to breakup after his/her ex picked apart the celebrity comparisons! If that was enough to end the relationship it couldn’t have been too good to begin with.

Realistic Drawings of Animated Characters

#1 Sideshow Bob Is he a villain or just misunderstood? Probably villain. Though his Rastafarian locks may suggest otherwise, he’s all about killing Bart Simpson. And he’s gotten pretty close on a number of occasions. We must note that his head (hair included) is far too big for

Crazy Images That Are Actually Real

#1 Green Acres This is in South Moravia of the Czech Republic. It feels like some sort of dream or perhaps a scene from a Pixar film but this is an actual photograph of the beautiful countryside.

When You See It . . .

#1 Great Selfie In these modern times when everybody is a photoshop master, how can you tell if someone’s profile pics are legitimate? Oh, you can just use your eyes.

Realistic Disney Characters

#1 Belle Belle may always have her nose in a book, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a cute nose. When pictured like this, Belle could easily be just a regular girl in a bookstore (the one you were thinking about giving your number to).

The Worst Tattoo Spelling Fails

#1 Your vs. You’re Apparently this is the most common grammatical mistake made on the internet. People just don’t get the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ via http://proofred.biz/

25 Mind-blowing Places in the World That Are Meant To Be Visited Alone

1. Taipei, Taiwan zoom globogirls Taipei is located at the northern tip of Taiwan on Tamsui River. The best time to visit is during the fall when the weather is cooler (approx. 20 degree Celsius) with less rainfalls. Things you’d want to know:Night markets is a must,